About power system redundancy is extremely technical analysis.
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Redundancy of power supply system

       Redundancy is the repetition of meaning, in computer terminology, redundancy is to reduce the computer system or communications system failure probability, and information on the circuit or intentional duplication or overlap. UPS load the basic role is to provide high quality, uninterrupted power output. Unfortunately, as an electronic device, UPS does not have fault tolerance. Although traditional-line UPS systems supply and storage to achieve the uninterrupted power supply bypass the conversion process, but with the increased demand for electricity standard, users yearning for a more secure UPS systems, and even hope that the power supply system failure, maintenance and maintenance process, the load can still be UPS's all-weather protection.
Initially, users often choose to link redundancy hot backup mode, from the relatively low technical requirements, participation may be ordinary stand-alone series, the shortcomings of this program is different aging equipment, redundancy and high (≥ 100%), system conversion of low reliability, not expansion. Followed by the gradual emergence of 1 +1 parallel programs, such redundancy programs to 100% equipment redundancy at the cost of the system have a fault tolerance; with single and serial systems, the reliability is improved, but the system Xiaoshuai low (less than 75%). N +1 parallel multi-machine technology makes the system redundancy for the first time fell below 100%, and the ability to constitute a fault tolerance more than once N + X system. Affect the development of multi-machine parallel to the main factors is the capacity to participate and generally too large UPS unit, higher prices and less suitable for 100KVA below * rate users. Medium capacity power units are prominent features of the module system, which makes the lack of 100KVA capacity of the users have enjoyed even N + X N +1 level of security opportunities.
       Modular system in the power device technology and manufacturing process inherits the results of UPS technology development; in the system architecture, its multi-machine parallel to the basis of not only the goal of the system unit hot swap, and better handling of the system unit independent, mutual cooperation and a smooth transition relations. Traditional multi-machine parallel, parallel UPS power for their participation in larger, high cost, it is difficult to apply to * the rate section of the user. As the modules power due not only to N +1 or N + X solution for users on the * rate section has practical significance, but statistics show that in parallel with the traditional multi-machine different from the majority of users actually use them, in the N + X-level of protection. N + X parallel redundancy mode constitute today the most reliable power supply solution, the module program to N + X security model can be universally applied.
       About Power +
       Power + is a parallel redundant UPS system. Overall by the system controller, static switch and 1-10 rated capacity of 10KVA power module consisting of hot-pluggable, free to expand the model. Power module is running in the system can easily be removed or installed without affecting the system operation and output, allowing users to on-demand and variable.
       Power + to achieve the greatest degree of fault redundancy. System controller, static switch and built-in redundant power modules are intelligent individual entity can be run separately, the failure of any module will not affect the normal operation of the system.
       Power + with a number of accessories available, such as charging module, wireless transmission, isolation transformers, and powerful control software, the user can choose on demand.

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