Two forms of digital power: Digital Power Manager (DPM), digital power supply controller (DCP) dominate the market.
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Digital power the next five years will grow 45.3%

       Over the past five years, the digital power technology has been in the center of the power market. Many remarkable advances have occurred in this period, including the power level integration, digital circuits and analog and mixed forms of PMBus and I2C bus communication capabilities. At the same time, there are some obstacles, such as the PMBus litigation, user-friendly graphical user interface (GUI) development, and global economic slowdown since 2008 and continue into 2009.
       Today, there are two dominant forms of digital power market:
       Digital Power Manager (DPM) - used to manage digital information in the power supply system and its overall operation. With DPM, can be achieved using digital signal communication with the power to monitor and manage power-up sequencing, load distribution and balancing, fault situation, heat exchange, maintenance and other tasks.
       Power digital controller (DCP) - the use of digital technology to control the power unit features an internal power switch. In theory, this means that the earliest possible implementation of the module - conversion to power all the feedback and control functions in the digital domain for processing.
       iSuppli's latest forecast shows the next five years, digital power market compound annual growth rate (CAGR) was 45.3%. The fastest growing area is expected to be high-end servers, data communications and telecommunications markets, is expected to low-end notebook computers and graphics cards and other computing market will be followed by accelerated growth.
       iSuppli Corporation that took place over the past year and a half a number of things affect the digital power market:
       * Infineon acquired Primarion Inc.
       · Exar FyreStorm acquired intellectual property (IP)
       · Intersiln acquisition of Zilker Labs
       * Texas Instruments acquired Ciclon
       · Power One has made in the PMBus digital power of patent litigation related to the victory
       · Volterra big expansion point of load (POL) market share of Linear Technology, Infineon and Texas Instruments were the number of Power One power supply patent licensing
       In all the events that occurred over the past five years has been identified as a leading technology path: DCP. In the DCP technology, two types of dominant design: Based on digital signal processor (DSP) design, and microcontroller-based PID-memory design. iSuppli Corporation believes that micro-controller PID-memory design will become the dominant, because of its flexibility and less complexity.

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