Inverter industry is huge, one of the future strategic industries.
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China's Industrial Development and Trend of Inverter

        With the power electronics technology, computer technology and the rapid development of automatic control technology, electric drive technology is facing a historic revolution. AC drive electric drive has become the mainstream, induction motor drive system, the most efficient, best performance is the variable speed system. Benefit from energy saving, green New Deal, as an important energy-saving equipment, transducer industry, the potential is very great, is the next strategic industries.

        New trends in converter technology
        Inverter is a high-tech, high value-added, high efficiency high-tech products return. Like with the IT industry, the industry, including all technology-related industries and frequency converter, that the production of power electronic devices, drive to protect the production of integrated circuits, electrical transmission and system control technology, industrial applications. Power electronics, motor control and automatic control mode determines the level of the inverter level of development.
        Development of information technology has also led to the development of inverter technology, DSP computing technology into the inverter, so that complex real-time operation, with the means to achieve, a whole set of systems, become easier.         Frequency accuracy due to a high speed, start low energy consumption, small footprint, advanced technology, feature-rich, simple, versatile, easy to form a closed loop control of features, speed is considered the best program on behalf of electric transmission development.
        AC variable speed application of the rapid development and success, to break in the speed DC drive past the area of dominance, AC variable speed AC frequency drag has entered the era. Theory of direct speed control (DSC) of birth marks in the motor control technology in China is not only beyond the self, but also goes beyond their foreign counterparts.
        High-voltage power converter because of the electromagnetic compatibility, electromagnetic radiation, technology, and other aspects of the series have great technical difficulty, as the world's major electric company competition hot. Currently many inverter manufacturers in the field of high voltage inverter lots of manpower and material resources, and strive to occupy the high ground of the current converter technology. Nevertheless, the core of the inverter - IGBT devices always dependent on imports, a bottleneck restricting the development of domestic inverter.
        In response to the challenge from different applications, inverter also constantly upgrading, function would be enhanced and more diverse products. Overall, the new period converter has the following characteristics: First, all digital, fully functional, to compensate for load changes, particularly with distributed communications, networking and integration of PLC's high-end inverter. Second, simple or industry-specific frequency converter and the mechanical and electrical integration, miniaturization. Third, networking and systematic reduction of production costs through the network connection, through the field bus module, the different types of converter to the same programming language and communication protocol configuration. In addition, new high-voltage power electronic devices with the advent of high-voltage and medium voltage inverter has made great progress. In the future, the matrix converter, inverter and other new green will be available converter.

        Status of domestic enterprises converter
        The 21st century, our high degree of fission converter industry. Factories in China, many foreign brands, the implementation of local management. Existing domestic brands continued separation of personnel and funding, the establishment of many enterprises, mainly in coastal areas such as Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai and other regions.
        Inverter current domestic market more than 300 manufacturers, major brands are also maintained at about 20-30. Foreign brand in China, the market still dominated by low-voltage inverter. Most local businesses set up domestic short history, many new products to market is shorter, the maturity of the product and brand awareness is difficult and historic aspects of the international brands compete.
        Inverter is based on the domestic market, foreign brands to enter the originator, foreign brands preconceptions. Converter supporting the strength of our industry is relatively weak, and domestic brands Wu Lunzai Jishu, manufacturing, industrial She Jideng Fangmianhaishi terms in financial strength, Du and Guo Wai Yi Ding gap between brand presence. Currently, foreign brands in the domestic converter of about 7 percent market share. Local inverter company mainly produces V / F control products, for superior performance, high-tech products such as vector inverter, the overwhelming majority have not yet developed a mature enterprise product.
        It is understood that foreign brands in China, the market still dominated by low-voltage inverter. There are ABB, Siemens, Fuji Electric, Mitsubishi Electric, Yaskawa Electric, Delta, Schneider, Emerson, Danfoss and other brands, accounting for low-voltage inverter market in China in the first 12 strong. The largest of the British Witten has been ranked in the 13, the other smaller enterprises.
        Therefore, the inverter market in China is still a price-oriented, this may lead to many international brands in the domestic and international promotion of the inverter models have different brands for the development of local inverter provide some opportunities. With the rise of domestic brands, domestic inverter company's market share is gradually expanding, especially in recent years appears to accelerate the trend of alternative to foreign brands. Although not yet available, and Siemens, ABB and other international top-round competition of the strength of the brand, but in some product and market segments show a certain degree of competitive advantage, market share gradually. Expected within the next few years the market share of domestic brands more than American and European brands.

        Inverter market of great potential
        With high frequency technology development and utilization, so that inverter industry in the cement, elevators, printing, electricity and other modern as well as medical, communications, transport, transportation, electricity, electronics, environmental protection and other fields of development and application of an unprecedented, almost nationals economic sectors are inextricably linked with the frequency converter.
        On the whole, the current inverter industry in China increasingly fierce competition. As the market very attractive, not only the market has formed a certain scale, but also very substantial potential capacity, the industry continues to attract new participants. With the technological progress of domestic manufacturers to enhance the stability and quality, coupled with service and price advantage, the next few years, high-end market by foreign manufacturers monopoly situation will be improved.
China inverter market has broad development space, and currently 100 billion. As the market's expansion and diversification of client needs, domestic inverter product's features and Zeng Jia is constantly improving, more and more integrated and systematic, and has to have certain special inverter 产品.
        It is understood that, in recent years, the inverter market in China maintained the growth rate of 12-15%, is expected to at least the next five years will be maintained over 10% growth rate. At present, China-converter installed capacity (power) is actually about 20% growth rate is expected to at least 10 years after the inverter can be saturated and mature market.
        The total potential market for our inverter should 1200-1800 billion, of which pressure transducer about 60% market share, in the number of high-voltage inverter needs relatively small, but because a single inverter power, sale prices, the market share of about 40%. With changes in the domestic load, with energy-saving potential of the motor at least 180 million kilowatts, thus providing for the application of the inverter very huge market.

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